A victim’s perspective on guns.

We are not anti-government conspirators.

It’s become recently popular for anti-gun advocates to label gun owners as insane anti-government types because we argue that the 2nd Amendment protects us from a tyrannical government. It’s completely absurd to assume that just because we believe that we should have a fighting chance against the government IN THE EVENT that they grab too much power.

At this point, many anti-gunners will call us “disrespectful” to military servicemen. How dare you. Many pro-gun advocates, like myself, serve in the military. Don’t tell us how we “don’t stand a chance against Predator drones.” Please, you assume the Predator drone is almighty because of what you see in movies. Stop with your insanity in assuming that we are crazy anti-government conspirators.

If you support anti-gun legislation,

I implore you to look at California. California is well known to the gun community as the home of the strictest gun laws. Things that make a rifle LOOK more menacing categorize them as “assault weapons.” Yup, in California (home of Diane Feinstein), “assault weapons” are already banned. You can argue that there has been a reduction in crime due to this ban but the truth is, out of the top 10 weapons used in a crime, none of them would be categorized as an “assault weapon”. So really, all this ban has effectively done is make civilian AR-15s look like they were made defectively.

Allow me to make a stand for ALL responsible gun owners.

We fully back reducing gun violence. We, just as much as you, want to stop crime. That’s the whole purpose of our own guns. To stop violence and crime before it enters our homes. Making more laws will not do anything considering the fact that the laws currently in place are only being enforced by us, the ones who follow the law. Don’t make more laws, enforce the ones there are now. 

The Potomac. A clear, physical difference.

Washington, D.C. is situated just across the Potomac River from Arlington, VA. D.C. has the strictest of gun laws in America while Virginia has some of the most lax laws. No permit to purchase, no registration, no owner licensing, and open carry (handgun clearly displayed). And although the two cities sit right across from each other, the murder rate in D.C. is over 20 times greater. 25 years after the D.C. ban, the murder rate sits at 46.1 murders per 100,000 people while Arlington has a murder rate of 2.1.

From the mouths of felons.

According to a Justice Department study,

  • 3/5 of felons polled agree that they will not target a victim they know has a gun.
  • 74% of felons polled agree that burglars will avoid occupied houses because they fear being shot during the crime.
  • 57% of felons polled agree that they fear an armed citizen more than a police response. 
Pure truth about guns to dispel the anti-gun media and propaganda. I won't convince you to be pro-gun. I'll provide you with the facts and you decide for yourself.

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